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Tennis for Everyone.

Here is What The Site Offers

Another tennis web site!?  There are already a lot of them.  They all have something to offer, and some are very good indeed.  Why another?

The very proliferation of sites presents a problem: it is impossible to follow all of them.  Not only are they numerous, they have grown increasingly prolific, sometimes adding material two or three times a week.  One of the objectives of this site will be to bring the best of the other sites to your attention.  Thus, some postings will simply refer you to sites that offer outstanding instruction on given topics, and shortly there will be a page of links to the best of the other sites.

In other postings I will offer advice of my own.  In my twenties I was a USPTA-certified teaching pro and worked for one of the best, George Bacso.  I loved it, and even during the decades I went off to practice law I kept playing and studying the game.  Now retired, I’ve re-earned my PTA certification and am thrilled to be teaching again.  Four years ago I undertook the challenge of changing from the traditional form I learned as a kid to the radically different modern game.  The transition gave me insights invaluable to a teaching pro: the techniques that can change long-standing habits, imprint new muscle memory, and thereby raise your level of play.

And while I want to bring you the best instruction, I also want to contribute something more.  There will soon be a page devoted to the game’s history and another to reviews of tennis books, other tennis web sites, and tennis products. Later this year, I will introduce a page on wheelchair tennis. 

Each page will be in the form of a blog.  You can add your comments by clicking "Post a Comment" beneath each posting or at the top of the page in the column on the right.  You can also subscribe to each blog page by entering your email address in the space provided at the top of the page, and then clicking, "Subscribe." 

The first posting, on the "Instruction and Analysis" page, introduces the Ultimate Consistency Drill.  

So, welcome to "Crosscourt Rabbit, Tennis for Everyone."  It is a pleasure to bring it to you.